What We Do

We offer hourly contract packages for services typically provided by full-time project assistants, project managers and business managers.


Our clients are general contractors, architects and designers who need assistance on a part-time or temporary basis.  


Get the help you need, when you need it, without the cost of a full-time employee. We are passionate about supporting our clients who are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and excellent client relationships. 

*We are an insured, limited liability company. 


How to get started

  • Let’s talk about your needs
  • Choose your service level
  • Set your hrs/month 
  • Review and sign contract
  • Schedule your first task

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

                                                                                                                                       Jonas Salk                   

Services & Pricing

Professional Services 

$40 / hr   –   10 hr minimum / month   –   One month minimum contract

This is the best option for clients who need a full range of services  in the office or on site. Tasks include web updates, bid submissions, product sourcing, selections assistance, client updates, site visits, data management, etc. 

You also have access to all of the tasks included in the Essential Services.

 Essential Services

 $20 / hr    –   10 hr minimum / month   –   One month minimum contract

When all you need is a little help getting from point A to point B.

Tasks might include materials pickup/delivery, printing & delivery of plans, staging assistance, coffee break or lunch delivery for crews, site photos, etc. 

Additional Information

Contracts are billed in advance on the 1st of each month and due by the 5th

Add time as needed in 30 minute increments

Add-on time will be charged with the next billing cycle

Unused hours will roll over to your next billing cycle

at a max of 3 hours

** Detailed contract information and terms of service are available upon request.