We’ve seen a great need in residential construction, especially among smaller companies, for help with both basic tasks and project management.  

We wanted to be part of the solution by offering something new to the industry, providing hourly packages to contractors, designers and architects.

With our experience in business and construction, we’re very excited to offer personalized, professional services focused on getting you the help you need, when you need it.  


Owner / Pro

With over 10 years of managing remodels and building projects, Laurie has gained experience in planning, design, tiling, hardwood floor installation, trim work and crew management.

This experience, paired with an MBA and a background in business and healthcare, has given Laurie a well-rounded approach to project management.


With time off, she is likely to be in the wood shop, often with Marco, working on a new project for the house, out on a trail with the pups or finding time to work on a ’73 Bronco.



Hudson has extensive experience in demolition,

but plans to focus primarily on customer service. 

Office Staff



Jake & Oz


Part-Time Pro

Marco started out as a fireman and paramedic. As many do, he also worked a second job in construction and cabinet making.

Although he now has a full-time job, he still loves construction and woodworking and wants to be a Part-Time Pro as often as possible. 


In his time off he’s usually in his wood shop, making furniture and finishes for the house or working in the garage on his ’84 F150.