360 Degree photography for construction rough-ins

Construction Rough-Ins

Using 360˚ photography after a rough in can save time, money and the headache of searching for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and blocking behind finished walls. Standard photos require one image per wall plus the ceiling, which can add up to or over 100 images for one home. You’ll typically only need one 360˚ image per room. Each session takes about one hour, all of your photos will be clearly labeled, and you will receive two flash drives – one for yourself and one for the homeowner. Your photos can also be uploaded to your CoConstruct account!

360 Degree photography for finished projects

Finished Projects

If you have clients that live out of town who want to easily view their milestone updates or if you just want to showcase a finished project, 360˚ photography is a great option. You can add the images to your portfolio, upload them to your website with a 360˚ viewer or even create a virtual tour to use as a sales tool for new clients!


All photo shoots include:

One image per room or area. Two images will be provided when necessary.

One flash drive to keep and one to give to the homeowner.  All images are labeled by room / area, according to the house plans, if provided at the time of the photo shoot. 

Whole Home: $165 per session for up to 3,000 sq. ft. and $0.05/sqft over 3000 sqft

(garages and outdoor living spaces must be included in square footage if they are to be included in imaging)

Single Room: $85 per session       Additional Rooms $10/Room up to 4 Rooms

**$10 trip charge for travel time greater than 30 minutes**

Get a 5% discount when you purchase a package for before, rough-in and after photos