About CoConstruct Customization

Customization is the key to success when it comes to your CoConstruct account, but just like any new software, it takes time to learn how to fully use and customize it. The problem is, most builders and remodelers are busy! Our goal is to help you improve your business processes and optimize your CoConstruct experience through guided training and detailed, professional templates.

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Builder’s Pro is the 1st company certified by CoConstruct to offer integration, customization & training services!

CoConstruct Comprehensive Package

All tasks listed below are included in this comprehensive, fixed price package.

Ideal for new CO+ clients or those who have been using it without customization. 

Specs/Selections Template

• Create Categories

• Create a Master Template to include categories, sub-categories and cost lines for all  potential details and build types

• Add contract, code, industry or other language, as requested for Specifications, Client, or Trade information within each category/sub-category

• Upload and/or attach accounting codes to all cost lines for detailed job costing

Foundation Training

• Training on the foundation features of CoConstruct – Leads, Specs & Selections / Estimating, Accounting Codes & Schedule   

• We’ll take a close look at your current processes and how you want to integrate CoConstruct Features to grow and improve. 

• We’ll create a long term plan and critical path to prioritize and implement new features as you master your CoConstruct skills.    


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Edits, Review & Followup

• Up to 3 hours of phone education and review


*Hourly rates apply after 3 hours 

• Edits as needed throughout the customization/ integration process

• 2-hour follow-up edit when needed. Use your templates for a few projects and then let’s work through any problems you’re having.

Additional Options

Ideal for clients who have started CoConstruct customization, but still need help finishing it or need supplemental support.

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Template Only

Fixed Rate

Master Template Categories, Sub-categories, Cost Lines / Accounting Codes & Detailed Language

1.5 hr phone review & training, 1 hour follow-up edit

Foundation Training Only

Fixed Rate

Training on the foundation features of CoConstruct – Leads, Specs & Selections / Estimating, Accounting Codes & Schedule   


Business process review and long term plan for CoConstruct integration.

All rates are charged in advance. 

For more information on our Services Agreement and payment requirements, please review our FAQs.  

Probably time for a little disclaimer here…CoConstruct does not pay me/us for promoting their software.

We  just happen to be big fans and love working with CO+, their team, and our builders who use it.